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Monuments > Cibeles Place

Address : Plaza de Cibeles s/n
Metro/Bus : Metro: Banco de España

Cibeles Place in Madrid Spain

The Cibeles Place is also a source and a symbol of the capital. Situated in the Spanish city of Madrid...

Attractions > Imax

Address : C/ Meneses, s/n
Phone : 91 467 48 00
Metro/Bus : Metro: Menéndez Álvaro / Bus: 8, 102 y 148./ Cercanías: Méndez Álvaro

Imax Madrid Spain

Imax is the largest format of cinema in the world...

Monuments > Puerta de Alcalá

Address : Plaza de la Independencia s/n
Metro/Bus : Metro: Retiro (Línea 2) / Bus: 5,14,27,37,45,150, Buhos (autobuses de noche que circulan por la ciudad de Madrid) N2, N3, N4.

Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid Spain

The “Puerta de Alcalá” (the door of Alcalá) is a very significant monument of Madrid...

Monuments > Parque del Retiro

Address : Plaza Independencia s/n
Metro/Bus : Metro: Línea 2 Retiro / Bus: 1, 2, .../ Renfe: Atocha

Parque del Retiro in Madrid Spain

The Retiro Park in Madrid (Parque del Retiro) is the great green lung of the city center of Madrid ...

Monuments > Plaza Mayor

Address : Plaza Mayor, s/n
Metro/Bus : Metro: Puerta del Sol

Plaza Mayor in Madrid Spain

The Plaza Mayor of Madrid is undoubtedly the most beautiful square in Madrid ...

Monuments > Crystal Palace

Address : Paseo Duque de Fernán Núñez, s/n
Opening hours : MAY TO SEPTEMBER: Monday-Saturday: 11am to 8pm. Sundays and public holidays: 11am to 6pm. OCTOBER TO APRIL: Monday-Saturday: 10am to 6pm. Sundays and public holidays: 10am to 4pm. CLOSED: Tuesday - 1 and 6 January - 1 and 15 May - 24, 25 and 31 December.
Phone : + 91 574 66 14
Metro/Bus : Metro: Ibiza (Line 9) - Bus: 2-20-26-61

Crystal Palace or Palacio de Cristal in spanish, is a glass pavilion inspired by The Crystal Palace in London and designed in 1887 by Ricardo Velázquez Bosco...

Monuments > Aranjuez

Aranjuez in Madrid Spain

Aranjuez is a city that belongs to the Community of Madrid and is famous for its gardens and palaces ...

Monuments > Puerta del Sol

Address : Plaza de la Puerta del Sol
Metro/Bus : Metro: Sol , Lineas 1, 2 y 3 de Metro

Puerta del Sol in Madrid Spain

Puerta del Sol is the center of Madrid, central Spain, the "zero kilometer", where the country's roads begin...

Monuments > Communications Palace

Address : Plaza de Cibeles, s/n
Phone : (34) 91 396 2679 – 2274
Metro/Bus : Metro: Banco de España

Communications Palace of Madrid Spain

The Communications Palace or Palacio de Comunicaciones of Madrid is a magnificent and amazing building where the Mayor of Madrid is situated...

Monuments > La Almudena

Address : C/ Bailén, s/n
Opening hours : The cathedral can not be accessed during the liturgical celebrations. Cathedral Open from 10 to 19:30. Mass Schedule Weekdays Afternoon and eves: 19 pm Tomorrow, Sunday and holidays: 10:30, 12 and 13:30 h. Afternoon: 19 pm Hours confessions Morning: 11:30 to 12:45. Afternoon: from 17:00 to 19:30. There are confessions to meet also in French, English, German and Italian.
Phone : +34(91)5422200
Metro/Bus : Metro Opera (línea 2, 5 y R) / Bus: 3,31,50,65 y 148

Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Almudena in Madrid

The cathedral of Santa Maria de La Almudena is a stunning temple with a mix of architecture: neoclassical exterior and neogothic interior...

Monuments > Monastery El Escorial

Address : Calle Juan de Borbón y Battemberg, s/n
Opening hours : From October 1 to March 31, Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00 h. From April 1 to September 30, Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00 h. Closed: Monday
Phone : +34 918905902 Tel. +34 918905903

Monastery El Escorial in Madrid Spain

The Monastery of El Escorial (Monasterio de El Escorial in Spanish) is a magnificent building, declared World Heritage and Historic-Artistic building...

Monuments > Royal Palace

Address : Bailén, s/n
Opening hours : Summer (April-September): Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00 hours, Sundays and public holidays from 09:00 to 15:00 hours. WINTER (October-March): Monday to Saturday from 09:30 to 17:00 hours, Sundays and public holidays from 09:00 to 14:00 hours.
Phone : (+34) 91 454 88 00
Metro/Bus : Metro: Ópera (L2 y L5) / Bus: 3, 25, 39 y 148 / Cercanís: Príncipe Pio

Royal Palace in Madrid Spain

The Royal Palace is a huge and luxurious building built with a base of columns, the official residence of the kings of Spain...

Monuments > Ventas Bullring

Address : c/ Alcalá, 237
Phone : 91 356 22 00
Metro/Bus : Metro: estación Ventas / Bus: 12, 21, 38, 53, 106, 110 y 146

Ventas Bullring in Madrid Spain

The Ventas Bullring or Plaza de Toros de las Ventas (in Spanish) is the Spain's largest bullring and third largest in the world...

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