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Bars & Cafes > La Vaquería Suiza

Address : Blanca De Navarra, 8
Opening hours : From 9am to midnight / Closed on Sunday.
Phone : +34 913 10 62 42
Metro/Bus : Alonso Martinez

Cafe, restaurant and even lounge bar. La Vaquería Suiza (The Dairy) is in place very hype...

Bars & Cafes > Cock

Address : C/ Reina 16
Opening hours : Every day from 8pm to 3am. Closed in July and August.
Phone : +34 915 322 826
Metro/Bus : Gran Via

Cock is a cocktails bar known for more than 20 years...and still really difficult to enter..

Bars & Cafes > Glass Bar

Address : San Jerónimo, 34
Opening hours : Every day from 11am to 3am
Metro/Bus : Sevilla

The Glass Bar is the cocktails bar of the famous Urban Hotel...

Shops > Gallery Madrid

Address : Jorge Juan, 38
Opening hours : From 9am to 8pm - Closed on sunday
Phone : +34 915 76 79 31
Metro/Bus : Retiro

Gallery Madrid is the shop of the “fashionistas” men...

Restaurants > Fast Good

Address : Tetuan, 3
Opening hours : Open from monday to sunday from 9am to 11pm and 12pm friday and saturday.
Phone : 00 34 915230456
Metro/Bus : Metro: Sol

Fast Good: 4 fast food restaurants by very famous chef Ferrán Adrià!!

Shops > Kala

Address : Blanca De Navarra, 6
Opening hours : From 10 am to 2:30pm and from 4:30pm 8:30pm - Closed on sunday
Phone : +34 913 198 80
Metro/Bus : Alonso Martinez

Known for women hats this tiny shop, Kala, is held by the top model Eugenia Silva...

Restaurants > La Finca de Susana

Address : Arlaban, 4
Opening hours : From 2pm to 4pm and for 9pm to 1am. Closed on sunday
Phone : 00 34 91 369 35 57
Metro/Bus : Metro: Sevilla, Sol

La Finca de Susana, not far from la Puerta del Sol, offers a winning combination of very good Spanish kitchen at a rather unbeatable price....

Shops > PEZ

Address : Regueros, 15
Opening hours : From 10 am to 2:30pm and from 4:30pm 8:30pm - Closed on sunday
Phone : +34 913 10 66 77
Metro/Bus : Chueca, Alonso Martinez

PEZ is the last concept store open in Madrid. One finds there clothing, bags, pieces of furniture, household linens...

Bars & Cafes > Bar del Diego

Address : Reina, 12
Opening hours : from 9am to 3:30am
Phone : +34 915 227 544
Metro/Bus : Gran Via

A little icy decoration at the Bar del Diego but you should go there however, this bar is of of the finest cocktails bar of Madrid.

Bars & Cafes > El Mirador

Address : Paseo del Prado, 8
Opening hours : From 3rd of July to the 1st of September - From 9am to midnight
Phone : +34-91 429 27 32
Metro/Bus : Sevilla

Open in august which is quite rare we invite you to go to El Mirador “The Lookout”, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum’s summer-only rooftop restaurant and bar...

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