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Restaurants > Moma 56

Address : c/ José Abascal, 56
Opening hours : Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 00:00 and Saturdays from 20:00 to 01:00. Closed on Sundays.
Phone : +34 91 399 48 30
Metro/Bus : Metro: Marañón

Moma 56 is an elegant restaurant, a bar, a cocktail bar, an events place and even a nightclub in Madrid!

Restaurants > La Galette

Address : Conde de Aranda, 11
Opening hours : Mon-Sat 2-4pm and 9pm-midnight - Reservations recommended
Phone : 00 34 91 576 06 41
Metro/Bus : Metro: Retiro

La Galette, one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Madrid and still at the top!...

Restaurants > Café Tabares

Address : Calle Alfonso X, 3
Opening hours : From 2pm to 4pm and for 9pm to 1am. Closed on Saturday noon and sunday
Phone : +34 913 104 039
Metro/Bus : Ruben Dario

A small gold nugget that this Café Tabares, a tiny and chic restaurant held by Isabel Tabares. Only 20 persons by service, that is to say that it is necessary to book...

Restaurants > Corral de la Morería

Address : Morería, 17
Opening hours : Open every day - Restaurant opens at 8pm - Nightly performances start at 10pm
Phone : 00 34 91 365 84 46
Metro/Bus : Latina

Around for more than 50 years now, the Corral de la Morería is a very serious spot recognized for its Flamenco show.

Restaurants > El Viajero

Address : Plaza Cebada, 11
Opening hours : From 2pm to 4pm and for 9pm to 1am. Closed on sunday
Phone : 00 34 913 669 064
Metro/Bus : Metro: Latina

located right on Plaza de la Cebada and close to the market of Rastro, we can only recommend this nice restaurant, El Viajero, with the very New Yorkean style decoration and its terrace upon on the roof, sunny in summer....

Restaurants > DiverXo

Address : Calle Pensamiento, 28

Opening hours : 1pm to 3:30pm and 9pm to 11:30pm // Closed sunday and monday and from 6 to 20 of August
Phone : +34 915 700 766
Metro/Bus : Tetuán, Cuzco

A one star Michelin restaurant, a new address more roomy and trendy, for a more then ever creative cuisine: DiverXo is “the” restaurant to discover in Madrid...

Restaurants > Midnight Rose

Address : Plaza de Santa Ana, 14
Opening hours : From 1:30pm to 4pm and for 8pm to 11:30pm..
Phone : 00 34 91 701 60 00
Metro/Bus : Sol

Midnight Rose is the restaurant of the hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria (The hotel of the bullfighters). Midnight Rose is the occasion to discover a new kind of cuisine: The Nikkei!

Restaurants > La Castela

Address : Doctor Castelo, 22
Opening hours : From 2pm to 4pm and for 9pm to 1am. Closed on sunday
Phone : 00 34 91 573 55 90
Metro/Bus : Metro: Ibiza

La Castela, tapas, fish and seafood and plenty of traditional dishes, what else?

Restaurants > Las Bravas

Address : Álvarez Gato, 5
Opening hours : From 12am to 5pm and from 8pm to 12pm
Phone : 00 34 91 532 26 20
Metro/Bus : Sol

All is said with the name of this tapas bar: Las Bravas in reference to the best patatas bravas of Madrid...

Restaurants > Cubik

Address : Calle Aduana, 12
Opening hours : Lunch time from 1pm to 4:15pm. Dinners from 8:30pm to 11:30pm. Weekend dinner from 8:30pm to 12:30pm. Closed on Sundays.
Phone : +34 915 230 481
Metro/Bus : Metro: Sol (Líneas 1, 2 y 3)

Cubik is a restaurant in Madrid with a very innovative cuisine but at affordable prices....

Restaurants > Champagneria Gala

Address : Moratín, 22
Opening hours : 1pm-4:30pm, 9:30pm-11pm - Monday-Saturday
Phone : 00 34 91 429 25 62
Metro/Bus : Anton Martin

Located next to the Plaza del Sol, Champagneria Gala is a champagne bar and a restaurant who serves paellas in Madrid....

Restaurants > Casa Lucio

Address : Cava Baja, 35
Opening hours : From 1:15pm to 4pm and for 9pm to 11:30pm.. Closed on sunday
Phone : 00 34 91 3658217 - 00 34 91 3653252
Metro/Bus : La Latina

If you want to come across celebrities like Hillary Clinton, Kate Moss, Joan N Cobo, known bullfighters or His Majesty the king Juan Carlos, an address: Casa Lucio.

Restaurants > Café de Chinitas

Address : Torija, 7
Opening hours : Dinner served from 9 to 11pm and the show lasting from 10:30pm to 2am.
Phone : 00 34 915 471 502
Metro/Bus : Santo Domingo

This very precious 18th-century palace, Café de Chinitas have seen the memorable "La Chunga" dancing in 1969..

Restaurants > Manolo

Address : Princesa, 83
Opening hours : From 1:30pm to 4pm and for 8pm to 11:30pm.. Closed on sunday
Phone : 00 34 91 544 12 22
Metro/Bus : Metro: Moncloa

A dining room old style for this Manolo, a restaurant really traditional and good... 

Restaurants > El Chaflán

Address : Avenida Pío XII, 34
Opening hours : Open Weekdays 1:30pm-4pm, 9pm-11:30pm; Sat 9pm-11:30pm.
Phone : 00 34 913 506 193
Metro/Bus : Duque de Pastrana, Pío XII

The chef Juan Pablo Felipe obtained his star in the Michelin Guide by revisiting the Andalusian cuisine with lot of modernity. Bet successful since media, politics and people from fashion meet at El Chaflán regularly...

Restaurants > La Plateria

Address : Moratín, 49
Opening hours : From 7:30am to 1am or to 2am on sunday
Phone : 00 34 914 291 722
Metro/Bus : Anton Martin, Atocha

La Platería is an adorable small tapas bar just in front of The Prado Museum....

Restaurants > Taberna Laredo

Address : Calle Menorca , 14
Opening hours : From 2pm to 4pm and for 9pm to 1am. Closed on sunday
Phone : +34 915 733 061
Metro/Bus : Metro: Ibiza

A bit far from touristic area –next to Retiro park - , try Taberna Laredo, a tapas restaurant, for some one of the best of Madrid. 

Restaurants > Queen Food and music

Address : San Modesto, 34
Opening hours : Opened until 3am every day. Friday and Saturday opened until 3.30am
Phone : +34 91 358 05 42
Metro/Bus : Metro: Begoña

Queen Food and Music in Madrid is the hamburguer's kingdom and a funky restaurant at night...

Restaurants > Samarkanda

Address : Estacion de Atocha
Opening hours : From 1:30pm to 4pm and for 8pm to 11:30pm.. Closed on sunday
Phone : 00 34 915 309 746
Metro/Bus : Atocha

In the station of Atocha, Samarkanda judiciously uses the splendid interior greenhouse of the station like decoration!...

Restaurants > Cava Blanca

Address : Calle de Cava Alta, 7
Opening hours : From 1:30pm to 4pm and for 8pm to 11:30pm.. Closed on sunday night, monday and tuesday at lunch
Phone : +34 913 650 503
Metro/Bus : La Latina

A basement of an immaculate white from where its name Cava Blanca. Carried out by hand of Master by the young chef Alejandro de la Torre for a traditional cuisine, modern but not molecular...

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