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Restaurants > El Chaflán

Address : Avenida Pío XII, 34
Opening hours : Open Weekdays 1:30pm-4pm, 9pm-11:30pm; Sat 9pm-11:30pm.
Phone : 00 34 913 506 193
Metro/Bus : Duque de Pastrana, Pío XII

The chef Juan Pablo Felipe obtained his star in the Michelin Guide by revisiting the Andalusian cuisine with lot of modernity. Bet successful since media, politics and people from fashion meet at El Chaflán regularly...

Restaurants > Suite Café Club

Address : Virgen De Los Peligros, 4
Opening hours : From 2pm to 4pm and for 9pm to 1am. Closed on sunday
Phone : +34 91 521 40 31
Metro/Bus : Sevilla

In the center of Madrid, Suite Café Club is a Multi-purposes place: a restaurant, a café, a club and a terrace.

Restaurants > Moma 56

Address : c/ José Abascal, 56
Opening hours : Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 00:00 and Saturdays from 20:00 to 01:00. Closed on Sundays.
Phone : +34 91 399 48 30
Metro/Bus : Metro: Marañón

Moma 56 is an elegant restaurant, a bar, a cocktail bar, an events place and even a nightclub in Madrid!

Restaurants > Arola Madrid

Address : Argumosa, 43
Opening hours : Monday: 10.00 h. – 21.00 h. Wednesday to Sunday: 10.00 h. – 02.30 h. Tuesday closed.
Phone : 00 34 91 467 0202
Metro/Bus : Metro:Atocha

Arola Madrid is one of the new reference marks of the very famous chef Sergi Arola in another great place: the Queen Sofia Museum...

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