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Restaurants > Casa Patas

Address : Cañizares,10
Opening hours : Shows Monday to Thursday at 22:30 and at 21:00 & 24:00 on the weekends. Closed on Sunday
Phone : 00 34 913 69 04 96
Metro/Bus : Anton Martin, Tirso de Molina

Casa Patas is the reference of the tablaos of Madrid. Our favourite by far! One of the rare places where one can still see a traditional show with authentic artists who keept the purity and the quintessence of Flamenco...

Restaurants > Corral de la Morería

Address : Morería, 17
Opening hours : Open every day - Restaurant opens at 8pm - Nightly performances start at 10pm
Phone : 00 34 91 365 84 46
Metro/Bus : Latina

Around for more than 50 years now, the Corral de la Morería is a very serious spot recognized for its Flamenco show.

Restaurants > Café de Chinitas

Address : Torija, 7
Opening hours : Dinner served from 9 to 11pm and the show lasting from 10:30pm to 2am.
Phone : 00 34 915 471 502
Metro/Bus : Santo Domingo

This very precious 18th-century palace, Café de Chinitas have seen the memorable "La Chunga" dancing in 1969..

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