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Atlético de Madrid vs FC Barcelona + STADIUM TOUR + MUSEUM

Match : Atlético de Madrid vs FC Barcelona + STADIUM TOUR + MUSEUM
Date : 14 October 2017 - 20:45
Competition : Spanish League

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Your comments : Atlético de Madrid vs FC Barcelona Tickets + STADIUM TOUR + MUSEUM

Tickets to the Oct. 14, 2017 game
- Nancy
(26 Oct 2017 - 22:30)
I tried for days and days to buy tickets online from the official website(s), but was blocked every single time. What is up with this? Each time it said “data error” but I know all my information was correct. I have a travel alert on my cards back home, so they are not blocked. The phone number for Atlético Madrid was either constantly busy and they close at 3 pm, which is help available. No chat available, no customer all. Secondary websites (viagogo) have terrible reviews from endless numbers of customers who have had money stolen and gotten no tickets. The Atlético website says there are still tickets available, but I cannot get them. It’s a huge, HUGE disappointment!!

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