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Pachá Madrid

Pacha Madrid

Pacha Madrid

El templo de las noches de Madrid desde los años setenta, Pachá Madrid es más que nunca un lugar muy moderno.

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How do i buy tickets to Pacha Madrid
How do i buy tickets to Pacha Madrid (21 feb 2012 - 19:45)
How do i buy tickets to Pacha Madrid


Pachá Madrid

Dirección : Barceló, 11
Código postal : 28004
Ciudad : Madrid - España
Area : Centro
Website : Pachá Madrid
Horario : De Jueves a Sábado de 11:30 p.m a…
Precios : Entrada 12€.
Teléfono : +34 915 938 769
Metro/Bus : Tribunal



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How do i buy tickets to Pacha Madrid
- How do i buy tickets to Pacha Madrid
(21 feb 2012 - 19:45)
How do i buy tickets to Pacha Madrid
- Robert
(23 mar 2011 - 08:45)
Hello to all !!
If You visit Madrid, you must go to Pacha ! When you´ll wake up the next morning, you will say: " unbelievable night !! "
For who dont know Pacha in Madrid, is and theathre turn into the best club the City. 3levels: principal area, 2- R&B area 3- Sky of Pacha.
*I have GUEST LIST for Pacha. Free and VIP quick acces from 00´00 to 3:00*
*Dress Code: Smart & nice.*
For guest list and table reservations, please contact with me. Facebook: Robert Febré. or email:
See you soon !!
Pacha = good night out
- Loves Madrid
(15 mar 2011 - 14:15)
I went to Pacha recently and had a great time, straight in, no queuing, friendly people at the door and at the bars. Good mix of crowd, music was eclectic. If you don't take yourself too seriously and want to just have fun, then its perfect. Attractive people.. good crowd.. good night out!
Pacha is my kind of place!
- IndianMan
(23 feb 2011 - 12:30)
Pacha was amazing! Great music, good night out! Bit pricy but worth it.
Pacha used to play hip hop?
- Slick Rick
(20 feb 2011 - 00:00)
Pacha hasn't changed that much. Still full of young people, like it was 4 years ago. Its never going to play real hip hop, it didnt play hip hop 4 years ago, it had the same poppy playlist as MTV base! :D - like most clubs its just plain commercial music, 4 years ago commercial being 50 cent and sean paul, now being lady gaga. The industry has got worse, ALOT worse, but the same was said by true hip hop heads when pac dropped all eyes on me in 96, now instead of being called commercial golden era its considered by younger generation to be 'old school'... Unfortunately kids will always be up to date on the pops, and commercial clubs will always play the pops. And as we get older we will always think our music from our day was better, there's a reason why they play 70s and 80s at over 40s parties.

Pacha is a bit younger at the moment, if you are 18-21 you will have a blast.
Pacha Madrid used to be great!!
- Madridman
(18 feb 2011 - 23:30)
i lived in madrid around 4 years ago and Pacha was THE place to be. Wed nights and thursday nights were especially original and utterly fantastic. After visiting pacha last week I was aghast on how chessy, over crowded and over rated pacha has turned out to be.DO NOT GO ON ANY DAY BETWEEN WED TO FRI. Its just that bad-the crowd has gone down from international 25+ year olds(two years ago) to dirty teenagers who have yet to learn nightclub etiquette. Saturday nights are still classy due to a stricter door policy. One of the saddest calamities to befall Pacha is the complete degradation of the Hip Hop floor. It was the best in madrid!the music was kick ass, original and addictive... now im not even sure that they play hip hop- its more like electro house pop played WAY WAY too loud over bad speakers. (the music is surprisingly low in the house floor in comparision)
Poor pacha ! How the Mighty have fallen!!!
quand même sympa
- moi
(7 feb 2011 - 00:30)
quand un lieu sympa.. la Pacha c'est le Pacha même à Madrid... de la bonne musique et des gens fun
i hate to wait to go in to a club
- princess Maryanne
(1 feb 2011 - 23:45)
Es ridiculo tener que esperar para entrar a un club, here you have to wait for everything, and the people that serve you are very plastic and no te dan un buen servicio
Pacha bof bof
- Maurice
(23 jun 2010 - 09:45)
Bof bof... Le vrai Pacha pour moi c'est celui d'Ibiza...
Celui de Madrid c'est une boite comme une autre... Manque l'âme des îles, le soleil et l'odeur des crèmes solaires.. Quoi que certains parfums synthétiques ne s'en rapprochent sérieusement mais je m'égare..
Bref faites vous votre idée.
Sinon Madrid c'est grand!
Pacha Madrid is totally overrated..
- shame
(22 jun 2010 - 13:15)
Pacha Madrid is totally overrated.. We waited at entrance, then to have a drink, then to have our coats back…
The place is too crowded and service unfriendly.. was a really bad experience… a shame!! 3/20
Pacha Madrid is hot...
- frank
(16 may 2010 - 12:00)
Love Pacha Madrid... great disco...The music was really good and the people were hot... worth waiting at the entrance...

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